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BLOOM is an annual boutique women's conference created for MOMS and their friends who are looking for an unforgettable girls' weekend where they can be celebrated, inspired and motivated. We combine personal growth, career (whether in or out of the home), health, family and humor to help women bloom, grow and shine where they're at! Every year, we choose a different destination for our "momference" - each is handpicked to be pedestrian-friendly, close to shops, hotels and restaurants with easy access to airports. Whether you are a working mom, stay at home or the friend of a mom, a BLOOM getaway will offer you the chance to take time for you - to recharge your batteries or find yourself again.

At BLOOM, you're invited to:

Take a time-out. Take an adventure. Meet new friends. Laugh. A lot. Discover what "getting away" feels like.  Hear from trailblazers of our time - authors, bloggers, entrepreneurs and more! Be inspired and motivated as these women share their hearts, successes and struggles.

Here are just a handful of uplifting stories from our Portland BLOOM getaway:

"I had at least one a-ha moment from each speaker. Thank you for creating an event that could change so many women's lives in a positive way.  I can't wait till next year!"  - April

"This event did not disappoint!  Amazing speakers and environment, I felt spoiled!  I was reminded about the amazing bond women have, even when strangers.  We have a common ground that we long to find in each other as we yearn to feel connected.  Thank you to all the amazing women who played a part in this weekend!" - Lis

"I won tickets to BLOOM, not knowing exactly what I had entered in to, or what I would have taken away from it.  It was a huge blessing in disguise at just the right time.  I've been battling depression, recently uprooted our family to a new state, no friends, no family and have been struggling to re-establish my identity....I've put myself in the most vulnerable of situations just to make a connection with other moms and have felt failure, not being good enough, judged and isolated from other human connection.  I've been in counseling and on anti-depressants and just feeling like all I had become was a complete mess.  This weekend gave me the courage, strength and empowerment to remain persistent in my journey to keep working to build better relationships.  I walked away with knowing I'm not alone and the right people will enter my life and stay there.  I want to tell everyone about what I've learned, I want to rip off the filters and spread truth about the real hardships of work/life balance, motherhood and friendships.  For now it's one step and one day at a time. Thank you for all that you women have done and for all that you have given me."  - Alexa

You're invited to BLOOM - because by loving on ourselves more, we bloom...

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